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Knauf Goldband is a pre-prepared dry gypsum plaster designed to create smooth surfaces of any structure on walls and ceilings inside the buildings; used manually as a single layer gypsum plaster on all kinds of substrates. An easy to handle mineral product.

  • Mineral product,
  • Easy to handle in all stages of the work,
  • Suitable for manual plastering,
  • Flexible,
  • High-performance,
  • Single-layer plaster,
  • Long processing time,
  • Uniform hardening,
  • Resistant to impact and pressure,
  • Regulates humidity and is vapor permeable,
  • Allows walls to breathe,
  • Creates a pleasant and healthy climate in rooms,
  • Meets fire protection requirements,
  • Can be applied up to 50 mm thickness.
  • To create smooth surfaces, of any substrate or damaged walls and ceilings,
  • As a one layer plaster for all types substrates,
  • In kitchens and bathrooms ordinary use (e.g. toilets in schools and bathrooms in hotels, hospitals, etc.) where max. humidity is < 70%,
  • As a substrate for all types of paints and wallpaper,
  • As a substrate for tiling,
  • As a substrate for finishing plasters.


  • Substrate should be bushed clean and primed. Mix the bag with water (approx. 20 liters) without any additives until you achieve the correct mortar consistency.
  • Mix thoroughly with clean water water and do not use any additives. Equipment and tools should be cleaned after use immediately with clean water.
  • Apply the material to the substrate evenly with a spatula vertically and horizontally. Once the binding starts, align the inner corners with trapezoid spatula.
  • The average plaster thickness is 15 mm, the minimum thickness being 8 mm. In special cases on the walls You can apply plaster thickness up to 50 mm.
  • To allow quick drying of the plaster, ensure proper ventilation.
  • Should not be used when room temperature below +5C.
  • Fresh plaster must be protected from frost.
  • Tested according to EN 13279-1
  • Carries CE mark

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