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ATLAS UNI-GRUNT – fast drying deep penatrating priming emulsion 10L –

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ATLAS UNI-GRUNT – fast drying priming emulsion


ATLAS UNI GRUNT is an impregnating sealer for priming, manufactured on the basis of the finest quality water dispersion of polymer resins.

The main characteristics

• reinforces absorptive substrates of any type
• high yield, quick-drying
• decreases and unifies substrate absorptiveness
• for application in temperature up to +30°C
• improves bonding to the substrate
• underneath floors and screeds
• underneath adhesives, plasters, top finishes, paints
The main parameters• consumption: 0.05 – 0.2 kg/1 m²
• further work just after 2 hours


Very short time of drying – depending on temperature and air humidity, ap- plication of next layers on a primed substrate is possible after:

– 15 minutes – for adhesive mortars ATLAS and painting coats on cement-lime plasters, silicate hollow blocks and aerated concrete blocks,

– 2 hours – for floors and self-levelling screeds.

Reinforces top surface of primed mineral substrates – penetrates into material structure, reinforces it and improves its load-bear capacity.

Improves yield of paints, top finishes and adhesives – increases yield of ma- terials used for the next layer application, reduces their consumption by sealing structure of a primed substrate.

Facilitates application of the next layers – painting coats, adhesives, top finishes and fillers, floors and self-levelling screeds, adhesives for carpets, wallpapers, adhesives for thermal insulation etc.

Decreases substrate absorptivity – prevents from excessive water retention from the product applied on the primed substrates: cement screeds with or without floor heating, various types of renders etc.

Unifies substrate absorptivity – owing to the presence of ATLAS UNI-GRUNT, product applied as the next layer has uniform setting conditions on the whole surface, including areas with local repairs.

Bonds non-stable substrates – reduces dust on floors, screeds and plasters. Intended for application at high temperature – recommended for use at tem- perature from 5°C up to 30°C, indoors and outdoors.

Very low VOC content – 15-times reduced content of volatile organic com- pounds in terms of legal requirements.
Transparent, solvent-free and water-soluble – product is colourless after drying, does not cause substrate discolouration.

For application with a roller, a brush or with a sprayer.


Substrate preparation

The substrate should be dry, free from dust, dirt, oils, grease and wax. Remove any loose, poorly bonded layers before the emulsion application.

Emulsion preparation

ATLAS UNI-GRUNT is manufactured as a ready-to-use emulsion. It must not be mixed with other materials or thickened. It is admissible to dilute it in weight ratio:

– 1:1 for the first priming, in case of double priming of very weak substrates, – 1:3 in case of priming substrates under ATLAS paints for indoor use.


It is advisable to apply the emulsion upon the substrate in undiluted form, once, using a roller or a brush, with thin and uniform coat. For the first priming of very absorptive and weak substrates, emulsion diluted with water in 1:1 ratio can be used. When the first coat dries, repeat the priming with undiluted emulsion.

Surface use

Painting, wallpapering, tiling, etc., can commence when emulsion dries, i.e. after approx. 2 hours since application. The primer should form matt surface after drying.

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