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Most important features

  • perfectly imitates texture of architectural concrete
  • forms modern decorative effect, enables creation of various textures
  • hydrophobic
  • resistant to biological corrosion

Product description

ATLAS CERMIT BA-M is designed for application of structures imitating architectural concrete and drawn plaster – forms durable and decorative façade finishing coat. Possible application upon whole façade as well as over fragments only.

ATLAS CERMIT BA-M is recommended for application of decorative rendering coats:
– on external wall insulation systems with the use of polystyrene boards (EPS) and mineral wool,
– on even, properly prepared mineral substrates (e.g. concrete, typical cement and cement-lime renders).

Main properties

    • Highly resistant to micro-cracking – owing to specially selected fillers and additional structural reinforcement with microfibers.


    • High operational durability of the coating – owing to the use of redispersible polymers, microfibers and special additives and modifiers.


    • Additional improvement of render strength during its exploitation – obtained owing to a natural process of carbonation of mineral renders.


    • MYCO PROTECTION – hydrophilization, high rendering coat alkalinity and content of substances preventing biological corrosion growth, forms incompatible condition for fungi, algae and lichens growth on a façade surface.


  • Special care for natural environment at the ATLAS CERMIT BA-M manufacturing stage – taking into account the requirements of sustainable development, confirmed by the Type III Environmental Declaration.

Main parameters

  • Mixing ratio (water/dry mix): 0.24 ÷ 0.26 l/1 kg
  • Pot life: approx. 3 hours
  • Impregnating sealer application: 3 days

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