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BP14 LUX COK – 250cm

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Application: drainage of water from the insulation façade.

Functional properties:

– Draining water away from the surface of the façade

– Strengthening plus straight and aesthetic finish of the lower edges of the façade

– Easy, fast installation

It is recommended to use the BP14 LUX COK dripnose bead for the aluminium starter strips. The BP14 LUX COK bead should be glued down from the bottom to the aluminium starter strip using a special foam adhesive tape that is included on the BP14 LUX COK bead. Then, glue the fibreglass mesh mounted on the BP14 LUX COK bead to the surface of the thermal cladding with glue for embedding the fibreglass mesh into the insulated render, overlapping the mesh by 10cm with the façade fibreglass mesh and draw both meshes with adhesive. The BP14 LUX COK bead provides a very aesthetic, even finish of the lower part of the façade in the form of a solid PVC dripnose bead and, above all, eliminates frequent plaster breaking at the edge of the aluminium starter strip and structural plaster.


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