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Installation of external wall insulation – can be used both on rendered/plastered façades and rough walls made of bricks and blocks (ceramic, cement-lime, stone, aerated concrete and concrete – monolithic or precast).

Thermal insulation with the use of extruded polystyrene (EPS) – thermal insulation thickness from 20 up to 200 mm.

Recommended upon plinths, foundation and cellar walls – due to nature and type of insulation material, the system can also be used on gable walls, attics, at building entrances.

Can be installed upon surfaces of horizontal or inclined building elements – provided that they are not directly exposed to weather conditions.

Recommended for insulation of standard, passive and energy efficient buildings.

Main properties


    • System meets European technical requirements – listed for thermal insulation systems supplied in the European Union.


    • Complete set of materials for installation of thermal insulation – offers full and proved compatibility of components, which is particularly important for long term system use.


    • Compatible with EPS-based external thermal insulation system ATLAS – for thermal insulation of zones exposed to moisture and mechanical damage the XPS insulation is used, upon other wall zones – EPS boards.


    • High system durability – due to low water absorptiveness of the finishing coat (max. 0.5 kg/m² after 24 hours), combined with high resistance to water action of XPS boards.


    • Impact resistance – system classified as Category III.


    • Enables achievement of thermal insulation parametres required for external walls by building regulations – reduces heat loss and heating costs, offers effective method of thermal bridging elimination.


    • Improves durability of external walls – protects them from direct exposure to weather conditions.


  • Fire retardant system – relates to thermal insulation system with extruded polystyrene boards (EPS) up to 200 mm thick.

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