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Most important features

  • perfect for brick and stone effects
  • very flexible
  • resistant to soiling
  • improved resistance to mechanical damage

Product description

ATLAS CERMIT N-100 is designed for application of decorative and protective thin-coat rendering coats outdoors and indoors:
• with external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) with polystyrene boards,
• upon even, appropriately prepared mineral substrates (e.g. concrete, traditional cement and cement-lime plasters),
• with the use of templates, e.g. imitating brick or stone wall in cases as listed above.

Main properties

    • ATLAS CERMIT N-100 is based on microfibres-reinforced mix of acrylic resins with silicone hydrophobic agents, dolomite aggregate and quartz dust, with addition of modifiers and specially selected pigments.

    • Strong surface hydrophobisation, self-cleaning ability – significant content of acrylic resins allows for durable hydrophobic effect, which prevents dust and dirt particles from adhering to coat surface and allows for possibility of their washing off during precipitation.

    • BIO PROTECTION – creates unfavorable conditions for fungi and algae growth due to low surface absorption. High grade of hydrophobisation, coat structural tightness and very high content of surfactants eliminate the threat and form unfavorable conditions for development of mould, algae and lichen upon the façade surface, even after long term precipitation.

    • Outstanding coating durability – owing to the use of mix of silicone dispersions, special additives and modifiers, the render offers:

    • ATLAS CERMIT N-100 holds the ability of self-cleaning during precipitation – therefore does not require frequent maintenance actions.

    • ELASTICITY AND STRENGTH – formula providing improved elasticity and resistance to impacts; render significantly compensates stress resulting from surface hits, keeps consistent, does not chip off (when used on base coat made of ATLAS STOPTER K-100). Owing to the content of special polymer resins and reinforcing with microfibres the render offers availability of obturation of cracks resulting from thermal stress and impact.

    • RESISTANT TO CRACKING – improved resistance resulting from the presence of specially selected fine fillers and content of dispersed microfibers which strengthen the render within its entire volume – render is protected against possible cracks caused by tension and alternate surface heating and cooling.

    • COLOUR DURABILITY – advanced technology assures colour durability resulting from the use of modern pigments and special reflexive additives as well as automatic system of dozing and permanently supervised process of manufacturing.

    • Possibility of unlimited surface shaping – depending on tools and technique of application.

    • Possible formation of the effect of smooth or weathered brick.

    • Machine application with recommended plastering units possible.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – render recipe was designed in accordance to the sustainable development aspects: maximally reduced amount of volatile organic compounds and use of natural fillers only.

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