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Most important features

  • perfectly imitates natural wood texture
  • durable and resistant to micro-cracking
  • highly water vapour permeable
  • hydrophobic
  • resistant to biological corrosion

Product description

Application of surface imitating wood texture, which is pressed in the render with a silicone mold – forms durable and decorative finishing coat of façades and indoor walls, in various room types. Can be applied upon whole façade surface as well as fragments only.

Application of thin-coat renders imitating wood texture – rendering coat ensures free transfer of water vapour; forms perfect finishing coats of external partitions (one- and two-layer), internal walls, masonry and casted architectonic elements, etc. in single- and multi-family housing, public access, commercial, service and gastronomy buildings, etc.

General use – ATLAS CERMIT WN is recommended for application of stylized rendering coats imitating natural wood texture on external wall insulation systems (ETICS), concrete substrates, mineral renders of any type (smooth, textured, etc.), gypsum plasters and top coats, plasterboards, fibre cement boards, etc.

Main properties


    • Highly resistant to micro-cracking – owing to specially selected fillers and additional structural reinforcement with microfibres.


    • High strength and durability – owing to the use of polymerized cement-lime mortar based on white cement and hydrophobic agents ensuring very good structural tightness of coating. The natural process of mineral renders carbonation limits the absorbability, hardens structure and improves resistance to chemical aggression.


    • MYCO PROTECT – high rendering coat alkalinity and hydrophobisation form natural protection against development of fungi and algae – particularly important for buildings located in the vicinity of clusters of greenery, water tanks, in shadowed city zones of high pollution concentration.


    • Does not attract dust, dirt, pollen present in air.


  • Can be applied with recommended rendering units.

Main parameters

  • Colour and texture: – white, imitating wood (after pressing with silicone mold)
  • Aggregate grain size: – up to 1.0 mm

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