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Silicate-Silicone Render for Spray Machine Application 1.0mm grain


CERESIT CT174 MACHINE applied render – 1.0 mm Grain

Silicate-Silicone Render for Spray Machine Application

Weight: 25kg
COVERAGE: up to 16m2 when applied by agregate

1mm grain Ceresit CT174 Machine applied render is used for making thin-layer renders on concrete substrates, traditional renders, gypsum substrates and chipboards, gypsum cardboards, etc. It combines good points of silicate render and silicone render and is vapour permeable with low absorbability and dirt resistant. Thanks to machine application of the render, work can be finished with less effort and in shorter time when compared with manual technique. This product is especially recommended to finish large objects e.g. commercial or multi-family residential buildings.


  • Dedicated for machine application,
  • Optimised consumption,
  • Homogenous final structure,
  • Vapour permeable,
  • Low absorbability,
  • Resistant to damage and weather conditions,
  • UV resistant
  • Available in full palette of Ceresit Colours of Nature
  • ready to use
External Walls
  • On cement renders and lime-cement renders (age above 28 days, moisture < 4 %),
  • On concrete (age above 3 months,moisture < 4 %) – primed with the paint Ceresit CT16,
  • On reinforced layers made of Ceresit CT 85, ZU, CT190, CT100, primed with the paint CT16 (age above 3 days), and CT87, primed with the paint CT16 (age above 2 days),


Internal Walls
  • On gypsum substrates with moisture below 1% – primed with Ceresit CT17, and then with the paint CT16,
  • On chipboards, gypsum-fibre boards and gypsum cardboards, primed with CT17, and then with the paint CT16,
  • On strong paint coats – strong, with good adhesion to the substrate, primed with the paint CT16.