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BP20 – under-sill trim with mesh

Application: for carrying out the connections between the sill (pvc, steel, stone, zinc) with thermal facing.

Utility values:

– perfect connection between sill and thermal facing

– easy mounting

– elimination of thermal bridge under the sill

– elimination of wind blowing effect: no wind whistling and cooling

Mounting: lthe under-sill bp20 trim is provided with special adhesive expansion joint foam and fiberglass mesh. Mounting of the trim consists in removing the protective film from expansion joint foam. The next step comprises gluing the BP 20 trim under the sill (after cleaning the internal side of the sill previously from dust, dirt and oil). Next step is to sink the mesh, which theBP20 trim is provided with, and overlap it with the reinforcement elevation mesh. The gluing of the BP20 trim and elevation mesh should happen in one gluing operation.

BP20 under-sill trim eliminates the so called „blowing” effect of the sill. This phenomenon is caused by empty space between the sill and thermal facing located beneath. The blowing wind causes the characteristic unpleasant whistling and cools the window area additionally

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