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15kg Topcoat primer ATLAS CERPLAST quartz render primer – covers 45m2

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Topcoat primer for renders. Atlas Cerplast Top Coat Primer is applied on top of the basecoat reinforcement layer and can be used with any of our renders.

Atlas Cerplast Topcoat primer is designed to be used in conjunction with any of our renders.
Increases adhesion – strongly adheres to the substrate and the applied renders.
Limits the absorbability of the substrate – prevents excessive transfer of water from the freshly applied renders into the substrate.

The main characteristics of Atlas Cerplast Topcoat Primer

  •  ensures ideal adhesion of the render
  •  reduces absorbability and strengthens the substrate
  •  facilitates render application and texture forming
  •  unifies the substrate colour
  • can be used as primer ( new tiles on old ones)
  • • available in 480 colours

Main properties of Atlas Cerplast Topcoat Primer

Contains aggregate – improves bonding owing to significant broadening of the effective surface between layers (forms rough surface).

Protects substrates against adverse effects of the new coat – forms chemical barrier between substrate and render, limits their interaction – reduces colour penetration from substrates and occurrence of stains on the render surface.

High bonding – min. 1.0 MPa for concrete.

White priming mass – additionally, with particular ATLAS DEKO M and other thin-coat renders, available in three main colours: brown, clinker, graphite. The priming mass can also be coloured according to SAH Colour Scheme by the tinting systems.

The main parameters

• consumption: ca. 0,3 kg / m²
• adhesion: > 1.0 MPa
• drying time: 4 ÷ 6 h

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