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BP24 L300 ALUMINIUM MESH CORNER 0.6x34x34 3m

£1.89 - incl. VAT

BP24, BP28 – aluminium corner beads for plastering work, galvanised, with mesh, made of acid resistant steel with mesh and Benelux-type perforated.

Application: For reinforcing the corners during indoor plastering.

Functional properties:

– Made of stainless steel (aluminium, acid resistant steel or zinc)

– High quality for demanding customers

– For use in wet environments

Assembly: Prior to plastering, aluminium or steel corner beads for plastering work should be installed on all edges inside the building, using the type as needed. Installation is done by placing the bead in the right position (horizontal or vertical alignment) by bonding the angle bead with plastering mortar in several locations throughout the length of the corner bead and leaving it in this state until the spots of plaster dry. The corner bead can be cut to size with sheet metal shears. Our offer includes a whole range of high quality metal corner beads, including corner beads made with acid resistant steel.