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Fibreglass Mesh is an component of both render and EWI Systems. The fibreglass mesh is embedded with the basecoat layer to ensures the final render wall insulation system is strong and flexible.

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Product description

Fibreglass mesh is for base coat (reinforced layer) installation – to be embedded in the base coat (Ceresit ZU – Hoter U – OCDC  – Stopter K50 ) during installation of thermal insulation systems, both with polystyrene and mineral wool.
Component of thermal insulation systems – element of composite thermal insulation systems, which have been given both European (ETA) and domestic (AT) technical approvals.


Main properties of fibreglass mesh:


    • Durable – consists of interlacing weft and warp yarns creating strong gauze weave, providing the mesh with high mechanical resistance and preventing the yarns from slipping out of position.


    • Flexible – ensures compensation of thermal and mechanical deformations, which thermal insulation system is subject to during operation, prevents cracking of the façade layers and enables formation of stable substrate for the rendering coat.


  • Resistant to alkali – yarns are protected by immersion in acrylic bath, therefore resistant against aggressive alkali present in the adhesive mortars.

Main parameters

  • Width [m]: 1.0
  • Packaging: roll 50 rm

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