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Application: drainage of water from the insulation façade.

Functional properties:

– Draining water away from the surface of the façade

– Strengthening plus straight and aesthetic finish of the lower edges of the façade

– Easy, fast installation

Installation: the dripnose bead should be installed in places where it is required to drain water away from the surface of the façade, such as under the terrace, balcony, cornice, above the window and other places where water flowing down the façade can penetrate under the outwardly projecting parts of the façade. For proper installation, sink the fibreglass mesh which the dripnose bead features in the adhesive intended for the installation of fibreglass mesh on foamed polystyrene or glass wool. The adhesive should be spread over the surface of the foamed polystyrene or wool using a special trowel, making sure to distribute it uniformly. Then sink the dripnose bead’s fibreglass mesh into the adhesive and then immediately cover this façade system’s mesh with the fibreglass mesh with an overlap of 10 cm. This operation should be carried out in one step, so that in result both fibreglass meshes (mesh from dripnose bead and the façade system’s mesh) are embedded in the adhesive forming a single layer (structure).

After the adhesive has dried, you can start plastering. The plaster should be evenly distributed in order to fill the whole area in the dripnose bead intended for plaster.


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