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GPA25-6 III High Efficiency Circulator Pump

Circulator pumps

GPA III series
Suitable for:

·Commercial heating

·Commercial hot water recirculation

·Domestic hot water recirculation

·Domestic heating

·Industrial heating

·Solar system

·Air conditioning system

·Integrated in heat pump

Electronically controlled circulator pumps for domestic building and thermal solar systems.
Shinhoo  GPA III  pumps are high-efficiency circulators, designed for heating, air conditioning, heat pump and thermal solar systems. The ideal choice for basic functionality needs. Applicable as a universal upgrade and replacement pump.
The pump features three constant-curve modes, proportional pressure curves, constant pressure curves, Auto and night mode. The speed can also be controlled by a low-voltage PWM signal from a controller to optimize the system performance, both PWM1 for heating and PWM2 for solar systems are available.