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Copper Effect – half-transparent textured plaster to the inside.

Warm copper color design adds to nobility and splendor. Modern arrangements often use this effect to highlight part of the room and revive dull finish. In obtaining this effect will set decorator FOX Copper Effect, which consists of decorative plaster and metallic varnish. With this set, which is simple to use as an ordinary paint, the copper effect can make everyone, even the novice decorator.
The paint is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, where it can be used instead of tiles, as well as in places that are often dirty, eg. in the hallways. The layer of varnish makes a durable finish in the form of easily washable coating.
Gold and copper glow that makes the room become richer without undue exaltation.
Metallic hue on the walls can be applied indoors. This used as paint Copper Effect, suitable for covering all carrier substrates after thorough cleaning, including plaster, concrete, stone, plaster and wood surfaces.


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