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DIAMENTO paint is used for decorative painting of walls and ceilings of rooms inside buildings. It allows you to arrange both modern and classic rooms.

It is recommended especially for rooms, salons, corridors in housing, as well as for restaurant or conference rooms, halls and hotel corridors. DIAMENTO paint is produced on the basis of high-quality dispersion with the addition of selected auxiliary agents and special metal fillers.

The effect of shiny diamonds – the use of metallic fillers allows to obtain a spatial decoration that gives the effect of mirror sparking. Occurs in 5 ready colors – Uranus, Venus, Luna, Terra, Mars. It is resistant to repeated washing.

Ready to use – no additional preparation required. Ecological, water-dilutable. It has excellent application parameters. The duration of the effect is very short.

Quick drying – dries in about 2 hours, allows you to use the room after 12 hours.

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