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SNOW DUST - a decorative effect for interiors reminiscent of sparkling snow.

Description and purpose:

A modern decorative effect imitating sparkling snow.

The substrate for the effect can be: plaster, concrete, stone, gypsum boards, wood-like boards and all load-bearing substrates,
 after their prior cleaning and preparation. The substrate should be: sufficiently load-bearing, seasoned, cleaned of layers that could weaken
 the product's adhesion, especially dust, dirt, lime, oil, grease, paint residues.

Set contains:

- Initium (base paint)

- Diamond 3D: White

- Decorative Brush 7.6 cm


• the effect is resistant to repeated washing.

• ready to use - no additional preparation required.

• Ecological, water-soluble.

• Has excellent application parameters.

• The execution time of the effect is very short.

• Quick-drying – dries in about 2 hours, allows the room to be used after 12 hours.


On average, it consumes:

- PRODUCT 1 approx. 0.11 l/m² (1 l of product gives approx. 9 m² of decoration for one layer),

- PRODUCT 2 approx. 0.2 l/m² (1 l of product gives approx. 5 m² of decoration).

Efficiency depends on the structure and absorbency of the substrate, on the method of its preparation,
 on the intended decorative effect, on the experience of the contractor.