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Elbrus EB2

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The Elbrus facade stone astonishes with its irregularity of shapes. The entire surface is made up of smaller and larger elements joined with one another in a loose and spontaneous manner. In this seemingly complicated jigsaw it is impossible to spot a ready pattern. It is much easier to find there beauty, which make an impression of being not only ageless, but also original, emphasising the individual character of every house or building, because everyone craves for uniqueness. The stone is available in light and dark colours.

MaterialBasic materials to manufacture tiles are:
– quartz sand,
– lightweight aggregate – LECA,
– binding agent – cement,
– pigments,
– concreter improvers.
Quantity (packages) on palette 88 packages
Quantity (pcs) in the package 9 piecesContent (sq m) on palette 36,96 sqm
Content (sq m) in the package 0,42 sqmPalette weight 845 kg
Package weight 9,6 kg
Content (running metres) in the package 1,13 rm
Package weight 9,6 kg

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