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ATLAS WODER DUO two-component waterproofing – 16kg

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Most important features

  • for light, medium and heavy type waterproofing
  • for pools, drinking and fire water reservoirs
  • beneath ceramic tiles on balconies and terraces
  • elastic, reinforced with fibres

Product description

ATLAS WODER DUO is a two – component material obtained in the process of mixing component A (dry mix of grey colour containing cement, fillers and modifiers) and component B (white emulsion containing synthetic resins and modifiers) in 3:1 weight ratio.

Watertightness – minimum 0.7 MPa (equivalent of pressure of 70 m water column) for coating 2.5 mm thick. Ensures complete substrate protection against water under pressure.

Resistant to negative water pressure – min. 0.5 MPa.

Great bonding to substrate – min. 1.03 MPa to concrete (standard requires 0.5 MPa), min. 0.7 MPa for ceramic brick.

Rapid set– application of subsequent coat possible after 3 hours, application of ceramic cladding just after 12 hours.

High water vapour permeability – water vapour diffusion coefficient μ ≤ 1,700 which enables use on damp substrates.

Chemical resistance – set mortar is resistant to communal sewage, liquid manure, aggressive groundwater – environmental exposure class XA2.

High elasticity – owing to great content of polymers, specially selected fine aggregate fillers and additional structural reinforcement with microfibers, the mortar obturates scores up to 1 mm wide.

High mechanical resistance – owing to use of reinforcing fibers and specially selected polymer resins the mortar offers improved resistance to mechanical damage and impacts. Coating is resistant to temporary direct foot traffic loads.

Frost – resistant – coating watertightness does not deteriorate during frost.

Protection of ferroconcrete surface – 2 mm thick coating gives effective protection of concrete surface against carbonatization and further corrosion of reinforcing steel. The value of Sd coefficient determined for carbon dioxide is not lower than 70 m.

Recommended for old, damp buildings – water vapour permeability combined with watertightness makes the mortar an excellent solution for waterproofing of partitions in heritage buildings.

Resistant to UV radiation and weathering.

Holds Hygienic Attest for contact with drinking water – allows for safe waterproofing of reservoirs with drinking water.

Low emission of VOC – safe for users, does not emit harmful substances.

Main parameters

  • Max. single coat thickness: 2 mm
  • Total thickness of sealing coat: 2-3 mm
  • Open time: min. 30 minutes
  • Second coat application: after approx. 3 h
  • Fixing the tiles: after approx. 12 h