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Most important features

  • stain resistant, easy to keep clean
  • for filling of expansion joints
  • for filling of joints between various materials
  • durable, elastic and tight filling
  • available in 39 colours, compliant with colours of ATLAS grouts

Product description

ATLAS ELASTIC SANITARY SILICONE is an advanced one-component product based on polysiloxanes with acetate hardening system, used for filling and sealing joints between tiles and for filling of flexible expansion joints.
Recommended for sealing around shower basins, bathroom fittings, toilets, bath tubs, kitchen worktops, sinks.
Resistant to mechanical and pressurized washing.
Permanently flexible – retains high flexibility during the whole operation period, hardens without contraction, enables caulking tiles on stable wood-based panels and plasterboards, on floor and wall heating systems.
Allows to form perfectly smooth surface.
39 colours – including the colourless one, matching the colours of ATLAS grouts.Owing to optimum recipe containing appropriately selected components ATLAS ELASTIC SANITARY SILICONE silicone ensures:
• possibility of application with tiles of any type – owing to high adhesion to edges and wide range of use (4-25 mm),
• tightness – compensates deformations of expansion joints, cladding joints in the corners, etc. as well as deformations resulting from mechanical and operation loads,
• resistance to external factors – long-term UV and water action, extreme temperature.

Main parameters

  • Coverage: approx 11 rm/280 ml for joints 4 x 6 mm in cross-section
  • 39 colours
  • Temperature resistance: from -50°C up to +180°C

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