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ATLAS BASE COAT PAINT – white acrylic interior paint 10L

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Base coat painting walls and ceilings indoors prior to application of top coat acrylic or latex paints.

Designed for priming walls and ceilings surfaces inside buildings before applying a top coat of acrylic or latex paints. Especially recommended for plasterboard substrates or surfaces with a heterogeneous texture. Recommended for renovation painting of latex paints (matte and semi-gloss). For painting wood and wood-based products.

ATLAS UNDERCOAT PAINT is produced on the basis of acrylic binder with the addition of high-quality fillers and chemicals evens out the absorbency of the substrate – enables even drying of the topcoat improves the adhesion of topcoat paints to the substrate reduces painting costs – it effectively replaces the first layer of topcoat paint improves coverage – reduces the influence of the texture and color of the substrate on the final painting effect it is flexible – bridges microcracks up to 100 µm it is vapor permeable – it allows the walls to breathe ideal for painting with airless spray Main parameters density: about 1.45 kg / dm3 viscosity: 6000-9000cP drying time to grade 3: 2 hours

Coverage: up to 8 m² from 1 liter of paint with one coat on a smooth surface. Consumption depends on the absorbency of the substrate.

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