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ATLAS MYKOS PLUS 5L – concentrated agent for elimination of algae, fungi a

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ATLAS MYKOS PLUS is a concentrated fungicide and algaecide preparation based on highly effective surfactant biocides.
Eliminates microorganisms at various stages of growth.
Quick and effective in action.
Efficient – can be diluted.
The product penetrates a few milimetres deep into absorbable mineral substrates – deeply penetrating, with active action within the material structure.
Disinfected surfaces can be coated, e.g. with paints, renders or ceramic tiles.

MIX 1:5 with water

Up to 250m2 coverage

The main characteristics

• cleans facades, terraces and roofs
• protects against secondary biological corrosion
• safe for cleaned surfaces
The main parameters

Consumption: For single application 0.02 l of concentrated agent for 1 m2 of the infected surface.

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